GLASSIST - Glass technical Training and Assistance -


• Mechanical Glass Handling training, Philips Innovative Applications, Turnhout, B

• Glass / Quartz training and production monitoring, Philips Lighting, Bath, USA

• Consultancy crack analysis Glass containers, GSimprove, Maastricht, NL

• Mechanical Glass Handling training, Philips Lighting Roosendaal, NL

• Consultancy Burners / Pressure regulation, Squall International, NL

• Consultancy syringe handling and packing, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Haarlem, NL

• Glass Handling Course, Philips Glowswitch Factory Terneuzen, NL

• Consultancy Lead Free glass implementation, EMGO, Lommel, B

• Lead free glass conversion NEEASAE, Alexandria, Egypt

• Quartz handling training Pont a Mousson, France

• Consultancy Quartz, Sylvania, Tienen, B

• 4-day introduction in glass handling for lamp making, EMGO, Lommel, B

• Glass handling course & consultancy lead free glass, Dr. Fischer, Diez, Germany

• Consultancy Lead Free glass, Sensata Technologies, Baoying, China

• Consultancy Lead Free glass, Sylvania, Erlangen, Germany

• Quartz technical assistance, Philips LTI, Los Angeles, USA

• Mechanical Glass Handling training for SOX lamps, Hamilton, Scotland

• Glass Properties training for Kingspan Renewables, Portadown, N- Ireland

• Materials Consultancy for Stevero, De PVC vloeren specialist

• Quartz Prototyping & Process development Philips Instant Trust UV lamp Turnhout, B

• Assistance Equipment Development Yaming lighting, Shanghai, China

• Reject reduction and training CFL production Gulf Advanced Lighting, Dubai, UAE

• Glass technical Training & Assistance Havells-Sylvania, Kairouan, Tunisia

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