GLASSIST - Glass technical Training and Assistance -


This service can range from straight forward reject root cause investigation to production speed increase or implementation of new materials, machines or products.

In most cases Glass technical assistance and Glass technical training are combined in a dedicated project. For example: A designated group of process engineers and operators follow the theoretical sessions in the morning and apply the learned knowledge in practice in the afternoon. In this way troubleshooting certain production areas can have both learning and improving effects.

Glass technical assistance can also consist of introduction of new glass types (think of lead free glass), or simply consultancy in implementing new or other production methods.

Plain and simple troubleshooting and solving (reject reduction) is most common. Troubleshooting is generally done by auditing the problem area and defining rootcauses. Very often, the finding of the actual cause of a problem, is solving the problem.

Assistance covers and includes Personal Hands-On-Service and direct responsibilities of improvements, Lower Production Cost, higher efficiency in the production output, machines, equipment, components, raw materials and high competitive quality.

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