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In glass technical industries, hot glass handling is of vital importance to deliver world class quality. Therefor it is essential to develop and maintain world class capabilities and skills. This requires continuous learning!

A specially designed training for operators, process-, quality engineers and middle management as offered by Glassist, typically contains the following topics:

Visco-elastic behaviour of glass, Viscosity-temperature curve, Temporary and permanent strain in glass, Gasses and combustion, Burner types and burning principles, Fracture analysis, Reject analysis, Reject reduction, Production troubleshooting and if desired: Lamp making processes such as flare and stem making, sealing and tipping independent of lamp type (Incandescent, Fluorescent, Automotive or Discharge lamps).

Written training documentation of the main topics is included in the program.

Special training documentation can be developed and written. The training is designed as an interactive workshop, participation of trainees is required and encouraged. To ensure proper securing of knowledge by participants, the training is usually completed with review sessions. Training does not have to focus specifically on one product or one glass type, but can have a wide scope. This enables trainees to acquire a broader view of glass handling and focus more on the 'why' rather then on the 'how' of glass handling.

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